ARC Lifeguard Training Certification Course

There’s one more Spring Session of the American Red Cross Lifeguard Training Certification Course! Learn the skills necessary to prevent and respond to aquatic emergencies as well as increase your critical thinking and decision making skills.


When: May 12-16
Monday-Thursday: 12:00pm-6:00pm
Friday: 9:00am-2:00pm

Where: Cary Street Gym Aquatic Center

How: Register by going to the service desk at either the Cary Street Gym or the MCV Campus Aquatic and Recreation Center


  • successfully complete the American Red Cross Lifeguard Training prerequisites for Lifeguard Training
  • swim 300 yards continuously demonstrating breath control and rhythmic breathing
  • tread water for 2 minutes using only the legs
  • complete a timed event within 1 minute, 40 seconds
  • positive attitude
  • American Red Cross Lifeguard Training participant’s manual (Personal computers or other electronic devices are not allowed in the classroom).

Students must attend all scheduled class times. Minimum of 8 people to offer the course. Maximum of 20 people in the course.



Outing Rental Center-Spring Time Rentals!

Have you ever noticed the little red brick building beside the Cary Street Gym? Well if you didn’t know before, that is the VCU Outing Rental Center and also headquarters for the Outdoor Adventure Program! The Outing Rental Center offers low rental rates on items such as backpacks, sleeping bags, tents, stoves, coolers, canoes and volleyball sets. We also have books, maps, videos, and trail guides covering a variety of areas and activities. Anyone with a current VCU ID may participate.

Springtime in Richmond, VA is a great time to get outside and explore exactly what this city has to offer. The James River is at your fingertips and offers many different options for outdoor fun. Whether your sitting on a towel on the rocks of Belle Isle and need a cooler for your lunch or you want to canoe down the calmer parts of the river, the ORC has what you need and at an affordable student rate! The VCU Rec Sports website has more information about specific rental prices.

The Outing Rental Center is located at 130 South Linden Street. It is on the east end of the Cary Street Field, and across from the Cary Street Gym.

Women’s Sea Kayaking

This April, grab your lady friends and join the VCU Outdoor Adventure Program for a weekend Women’s Sea Kayaking Trip! The group will travel down to the beautiful Back Bay Wildlife Refuge in Virginia Beach, Virginia and camp along the beach and paddle through the wetlands. This trip will teach you the basic skills of multi-day kayaking while meeting great people. For more information about the trip take a look at the VCU Recreational Sports website!

Cost: Student: $44, F/S/A/+1: $50 

Date: April 26- 27 

Location: Back Bay, VA

You can do anything great! Take a hint from this inspired lady, get yourself moving and Be Fit!

Wiping Down Fitness Equipment

One of the top complaints we receive from patrons via social media is that some members of the gym are not properly educated about wiping down machines and equipment. For some this seems to be top priority when it comes to working out and for others the thought to clean a machine or mat after use just doesn’t exist. In this post we are going to point out some important reasons you should wipe down and clean your equipment after use as well as debunk some myths about gym cleanliness. 

Myth 1: “wiping down mats and equipment is just polite” 

-While this may be true, wiping down your equipment does more than just appease the gym goer waiting to use the machine. The wipes provided in the gym are there to keep everyone healthy. Sweat itself is not a “germy” substance but the environment where we are most likely to sweat is also the perfect home for bacteria to start growing.This warm humid environment encourages all kinds of unwanted bacteria to grow and spread increasing the likelihood of passing infection or disease.

Myth 2: “athlete’s foot is the only infection you can get in the gym”

- The most common infection being passed around the gym is community acquired MRSA (methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus) and sharing equipment is the number one way it is passed around the gym. Materials that have pores, like machine padding and yoga mats, are the most likely to house this bacteria and should always be wiped down before and after use. Failure to wipe down equipment allows the bacteria to linger and be shared among everyone who using the machine. 

**You can also contract other germs that may linger on shared equipment and cause urinary tract infections, E. coli, fungus growth (athlete’s foot comes in here) and warts, including those caused by human papillomavirus.

Myth 3: “only wipe down the handles of the machine you’re using”

- When wiping down machines and equipment, all areas that come in contact with your body should be wiped down. Cuts or rashes can weaken your defenses against bacteria and infection and wiping down the entire machine will greatly reduce your risk of picking one up. 

So help lower the risk of exposing yourself and anyone else to these infections and wipe down your machine before and after you use it!